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Frosty Valley
Cart Usage Policy

New Carts Purchased Spring 2021

In 2021, Frosty Valley Resort received a new fleet of EZ Go Golf Carts.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure the carts remain in excellent condition for many seasons to come.  The Cart Usage Policy has been reviewed by Frosty Valley Ownership and Management and approved to maintain all playing surfaces throughout the course.

Players are responsible to know the cart rules before the start of play.  Cart rules will be set forth daily by the Golf Course Superintendent and communicated through the Pro Shop to all golfers.  These cart rules will be posted outside the Pro Shop.  Any player found by Frosty Valley Management or Staff to be abusing the cart rules and Frosty Valley Code of Conduct will risk suspension of playing privileges.


Frosty Valley Resort may restrict motorized cart traffic when weather or turf conditions warrant.  This ensures that we can continue to provide the best possible playing conditions for our members, guests, and public play and prevent damage to the course.

Any use of carts off the path is at your own risk and any problems or injuries resulting from such use are the golfers’ responsibility.  For safety reasons, we strongly encourage extreme caution when utilizing carts on severe slopes, near the pond or creek areas and high traffic areas such as the parking lots and roadways. No cart, including a flagged carts, shall be driven inside any roped off areas or in fescue grasses, bunkers and on tees or greens.

In the event of excessive heat, moisture stress, new turf, or other weather-related or maintenance-related condition, course management reserves the right to restrict all cart traffic to prevent serious damage to the course.  On such days the course may be designated “Cart Restrictions Apply.”  If at any time it is apparent these conditions exist, please call the Pro Shop (570-275-4700) or check or Twitter feed (@FrostyGolf) for guidance.

Please note that cart traffic may adversely affect turf as well as playability.  We appreciate your cooperation in using and exercising good judgment.  Violation of this policy may result in suspension of cart and/or golfing privileges.

Handicap Flagged Carts

A blue Handicap Flag on a cart signifies that a person of said cart has a disability that makes walking to their ball a hardship.  To qualify for a Handicap Flag the individual must possess a State approved permanent or temporary disabled parking placard or be approved by Frosty Valley Resort Management.

It is our policy to restrict motorized golf cart traffic when weather or turf conditions warrant.  This policy ensures that we can continue to provide the best possible playing conditions by preventing damage to the course.  Golfers who are qualified individuals with disabilities must identify themselves to management and complete any necessary registration and verification forms.  Management will provide these golfers with a flagged golf cart and allow the golfer to access restricted areas around greens and bunkers as course conditions warrant.  Golfers with handicap flags will be permitted to drive up to 20 feet from the green.

Cart Usage Rules

The following rules must be followed when using a FVR golf cart.  The rules and policies listed below ensure the ability of Frosty Valley Resort to continue to provide the best possible playing condition by preventing damage to the course.

  1. A Tee Time is required at all times. Tee Times can be arranged in the Pro Shop or by calling
  2. Anyone driving a cart must have a valid state driver’s license
  3. Carts are limited to two (2) passengers and two (2) sets of golf clubs. The minimum number of carts should be used.  (1) Cart for two players or (2) carts for three or four players.
  4. No one is to stand in the cart or ride on the back platform at any time
  5. Always lock parking brake when cart is not in use
  6. Except on cart paths, a cart is not to be operated on grass within thirty (30) yards of a green, a green or tee and shall never be driven through a penalty area. Red and White posts indicate restricted access areas around greens
  7. Cart paths are to be used where provided, especially near tees and greens. Frosty Valley Resort reserves the right to impose restrictions on the use of carts on the course from time to time, including restricting carts to the cart designated routing only or imposing the 90-degree rule
  8. Soft areas on fairways should be avoided, especially after rains
  9. Follow all signage and roped off areas on course
  10. Carts are operated at the risk of the operator. Cost of repairs to a cart which is damaged by cart renter shall be charged to the renter of the cart.  The renter of the cart shall be held fully responsible for any and all damages, including damages to the cart, golf course, buildings, or grounds, that are caused by the misuse of the cart by the renter.  The renter of the cart shall reimburse Frosty Valley Resort for any and all damages sustained by reason of misuse
  11. The renter of a cart accepts and assumes all responsibility connected with the operation of the cart. Each cart renter also expressly agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Frosty Valley Resort, and its employees, affiliates, representatives and agents, from any and all damages, whether direct or consequential, arising from or related to the use and operation of a cart by the renter or golfers within their group
  12. After use carts are to be returned to the cart return staging area where they will be cleaned, sanitized, and checked for damage prior. All keys shall be turned in at the end of the rental period
  13. Frosty Valley Resort assumes no responsibility for any lost, stolen, misplaced, or damaged personal belongings

Penalties for Violation(s) of Policy

An individual deemed by Frosty Valley Management or Staff to be out of compliance:

First Violation:  Written communication notifying individual of Cart Usage Policy and FVR Code of Conduct

Second Violation:  Suspension cart privileges for two weeks

Third Violation:  Suspension cart privileges for one month

Fourth Violation:  Suspension of cart privileges for remainder of current season and approval of FVR management for use in future seasons.