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February 2021

The snow is finally melting and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, as the start of handicap posting season and the unofficial start of the GAP season on April 1 is fast approaching. This month, we’re bringing attention to the Course Rating process, something that is vital to everything we do at GAP but is often misunderstood by golfers.


The USGA Course Rating Process

As the Allied Golf Association of the USGA in the region, GAP is responsible for administering core services like the World Handicap System, USGA championship qualifiers and the Course Rating System. This month, we wanted to introduce you to a service that you may not know much about – Course Ratings.

Course Rating is the backbone of the world handicap system. With it, you can compete equitably against golfers of any ability level. Without it, the posting of scores would not even be possible. Course Rating is a numerical value calculated for an individual tee set and represents what a scratch golfer should shoot from that set of tees under normal playing conditions. The largest component of a course rating, by far, is the measured length of the golf course but a variety of other factors are also taken into account. Some of these factors include green targets, green surfaces, topography, trees and penalty areas. GAP has a team of highly-skilled course raters who are responsible for the rating of every member club. These course raters are responsible of noting obstacle adjustments throughout the rating of the golf course, while the GAP staff uses highly-accurate GPS software to measure the golf course.

Most golfers believe that the higher the Slope Rating, the more difficult the golf course. This is a common misconception and may not actually be the case. The Slope Rating tell you how difficult that golf course is for the bogey player when compared to the relative difficulty of that same golf course for the scratch golfer.

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Email Reminders Coming

The new GHIN Digital Profile requirement that we discussed in the January newsletter is officially in effect. All golfers with an email address in the GHIN system who have not done this yet will receive a message on Monday, March 1, prompting them to create this digital profile.

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